Dvd to mobile and sony erricson k790?

i know dvd fab plat can convert dvd’s to mobile phone…i was going to buy the sony erricson k790 and was wondering if any has converted dvd’s to this phone? and if so what option did you use it only gives sony erricson 750i and 800i? thanks

You may need to experiment a little, doing conversions of only a chapter or two as you try different settings and profiles. I would start with the one for the 750i and see how it looks. I found that one of the Nokia profiles worked best on my LG phone.:confused:

ok thanks…now once i make the conversion how do i get it to my phone i know i use the usb cable,but what program to transfer? is it dvd fab? thanks again

I don’t use any program. I just take the memory card out of the phone, put it in my PC’s card slot, and copy the MP4 file to the card. The software that came with my phone transfers only music and the phone firmware and PC drivers will not let it be viewed as a USB storage device when plugged into the PC. Yours hopefully will be different(and better–shame on LG for lousy firmware).:frowning:

boy it looks like you are busy answering all the questions lol anyways you said you copy the MP4 file to the card.do you use nero for this or just drag and drop?

I just copy and paste with windows explorer. Yesterday was a busy day on the forum!:slight_smile: