DVD to Mobile hangs

Running DVDFab on a quad core WIN XP machine. Using DVD to Mobile/IPOD the process proceeds to Percent=100% but never completes. The Task Time left is zero, the Task Time Elapsed and Total Elapsed timers continue to count up, but I am only left with the Cancel or Pause buttons … it never completes. Cancel and Pause options both work and the task seems to be running fine.

Has anyone else seen this? Suggestions?

I have more info which may or may not be useful … The DVDFab.exe process is consuming exactly 25% cpu and 365,232K of memory and FABcore.exe is not running at all when the application is in the state described.

Does it produce an output file if you hit Cancel? If so, does it play? I have not tried Mobile in yet.

When I hit cancel, the application hangs. It does produce a file which can be played.

After reinstalling twice it no longer hangs at completion and I am able to finish properly.