DVD to Matroska

Anyone know of a good tutorial on how to do this or can outline the basic steps? I’ve just used AutoGK for DVD to AVI so having to use all the applications individually is a bit confusing. Also; what’s the best method of de-interlacing?

EDIT: If it’s relevant, I would like to use Xvid for video and Ogg Vorbis for audio, I’d also like to get the chapter information and subtitles and use them in the file.

Alright, I ripped the DVD with Decrypter in IFO mode, ran the VOBs through DGIndex and converted the AC3 files to OGG tracks with BeSweet and the OagMachine GUI. So far so good. I then wanted to de-interlace and resize the video and crop the black borders with AviSynth and the AVSGenie GUI, however as soon as I tried to open the D2V file it returned this error message:

AVIFileSource: Couldn’t open file
(C:\AVSGenie v0.2.5.16 emp1.avs, line1)

Can anyone tell me what I’ve done wrong?

It’s cool, I just had to write the script manually and it all worked fine. Would a basic DVD to Matroska tutorial be of any interest to anybody if I were repeat the process a couple more times to get a better understanding of it and then write one?

Hi there

I’d be interested in a tutorial in how to convert DVD to Matroska.

Currently I use a DVD Decrypter to rip the files and then convert to avi with Dr DivX and then finally use River Past Video Cleaner to encode to MVK format…it takes some time to do all of that.

I have started to explore 'DVDtoOGM Beta 1.41" as another program, read the tutorail but keep getting invalid DV2 files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Here’s a rough outline of the steps involved in the way I did it if that’s any help.

  1. Rip with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode and specify which streams to demux.

  2. Use Cuttermaran to cut out any studio/distributor logos and other unnecessary footage. (If you don’t have to do this then skip this step and just rip the VOBs with Decrypter and open the VOBs with DGIndex.)

  3. Open the MP2 files with DGIndex to create a D2V file.

  4. Use ChapterXtractor to extract the chapter information.

  5. Use SubRip to extract the subtitles. (You could also use Subtitle Workshop instead.)

  6. Use BeSweet and Oagmachine to transcode the AC3 files into OGG files. (You could also use HeadAC3he do to this instead.)

  7. Create a AviSynth script which will use DGDecode.dll to read the D2V file and decode the MPEG from the VOBs and then have AviSynth frameserve this decoded output into VirtualDubMod. The script should also utilise any filters for resizing, cropping and deinterlacing the video where necessary.

  8. Open the AviSynth script with VirtualDubMod. VirtualDubMod can then be used to encode the video stream using the desired codec and mux the audio, video, subtitles and chapter information into a container (AVI, OGM or Matroska).

Programs Used:

DVD Decrypter
DGMPGDec (contains DGIndex and DGDecode)
BeSweet + Oagmachine
DirectShow Ogg Vorbis Filter

Hey, thanks for the speedy reply and the tutorial…all I’ve got to down is load up all the software you’ve listed, some of which I’ve never used before, but hey if it works, it works!!!

What might be helpful is some links to the apps you’ve mentioned if you could edit your post…going ‘Googling’ to find 'em


Let you know how I get on, if all goes well, I’ll recommend this post as a sticky…‘screenshoots’ would be handy too!! :wink:


Well I’d hardly call it a tutorial really, it’s just a very basic outline of the process. Also you can get almost all of the programs on the download page of doom9.

WinMKV DVD ripper can copy DVD to MKV with subtitle and very fast