hey guys!

as a chronic bittorrent user, i have downloaded over 600 movies over the past months. Recently, my friend gave me 200+dvds to copy over a month.

Never a fan of disks or DVDs ( too much clutter), i naturally wanted to rip these DVDs to my array of
HDDs. I tried Alcohol, but it only made EXACT copies of the DVDs which take up 4.7 valuable GBs. Since i usually download movies, the average movie size is 700 - 1.4 Gb (2 disk sets) - I see no discernable difference between them and DVDs

In fact, i downloaded a full 1080i movie that only took up 1 DVD, but the quality was 100X better than regular DVD quality.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any good programs that could compress these DVD movies to any video format so it is less than or around 1GB, even as ISOs since Daemon is always running on my comp.

Thank you!!

PS- before you flame me for not searching, when i do, i always get a blank page that is supposedly fully loaded (in firefox)

PS2- tried DVD shrink, but i could only compress to about 75% quality, which amounts to like 3GB, way too much


I won’t flame you for not searching but just how many of those downloads & copies are completely legal? Read the forum rules about that.

DVD Shrink can be run again & again to further reduce the size.


If you have CloneDVD2 you can use the ‘custom’ setting for your compression ratio then just set the max image size you want it to fit too