Dvd to ipod

just wanted to say how happy i am with dvdfab. i bought my daughter a 5th generation 30gig ipod and have just succeeded in placing 2 films on it (shrek and the wedding singer) fantastic, perfect and so easy. thanks to feng for a product which will allow us to take our fave films on holiday with us for the quieter times.

Works good for me too on my Zen :smiley:

Yup, this program rocks. I’ve converted about 25 movies or so to Ipod mp4 and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing…talk about easy. They look great on the Ipods and not half bad when viewed on a tv via a patch cord. Makes it nice when traveling… :iagree:

i just got a video ipod and was wondering how do you convert dvds to ipod format, and from there, how do you transfer the files to the ipod? Thanks

Hi bruins2007,

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…
Here’s 4000 plus my 2 cents… :bigsmile:

For most users, it should be straightforward. Several months back I knew absolutely zip about conversion to IPod MPEG-4/H.264 MP4 files and I’ve converted 25-30 flicks…no problem.

The settings on the last (4th) screenshot will afford you great viewing.
The flicks are even decent when viewing on a 20-25" TV (eg. a motel TV).
Used a patch cord (about $7) from Ipod to TV… :cool:

Any problems, just post back.
Be nice to hear how you make out.
Hope this helps… :wink:

thanks for the quick reply and the pics! i will definitely let you know how it goes. thanks once again