Dvd to ipod

what is the best software to use to burn a dvd to ipod?

I used dvdfab platinum works perfect. Im still using the free trial. I tried vemode but I wasn’t sure how to use it and I couldnt find any forums on how to so the movie didn’t come out very good.

CloneDVDMobile does a pretty good job and allows you to adjust the bitrate to customize the size you’d like it in. Comes with a free 21 day trial.

VideoRa is free, but is a bit sluggish and not the best output.

Someone also suggested Super once, but it’s like pulling teeth to try and download it…so I decided against trying that one.

DVD Rebuilder Pro.

i used clonedvd2 and just copied the vob files to the ipod

How would the iPod play the files nick?

Haven´t tried this but it´s probably fine…all their other products are very good.

No idea about this myself, but why bother?..there are others here which work.

I use this all the time for such tasks…fast, and it works. Does tons of different conversions. I consider it essential to have.
Download is no problem…not sure what problem you had MBK…I´ve just downloaded the latest version (25MB…incl all nec codecs etc) and everything was normal.

Yeah, I have seen you recommend Super quite often to members, and you were the member I was referencing about recommending Super…What I meant about the download wasn’t how long it takes but rather that you gotta go from screen to screen to actually download it… :wink:

Was gonna try it but CloneDVDMobile has been great for me so I just decided that after going to a third screen while trying to download Super, I decided I didn’t really need it.

You´re right about SUPER´s messy website…whoever designed that probably came from a porn promoting background…it´s so exaggerated I was even suspicious of it at first. Still…as a freebie it´s worth it I think.

I use Ripit4me to get the dvd to the disk. Once on disk I use DVD Shrink in IFO mode to join the .vob files of the main movie into one big 4GB or so .vob file. Then I use Videora Ipod converter to get it into .mp4 format.

I am currently testing out Mediacoder with the Ipod plugin to convert from .vob files to .mp4. Mediacoder looks good but always crashes for me when I open the settings since I didn’t bother to install firefox. Mediacoder seems to have a “join” mode which could handle the 1GB .vob files, not sure how to use join mode yet.

So I mostly use Mediacoder when I am dealing with a .mpg file and its fast, and Videora Ipod converter with DVDs.

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing new and improved versions of Videora Ipod converter and Mediacoder.

I am using Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Suite , it works pretty good , you can download it at http://www.oursdownload.com/convert-DVD-video-to-iPod-video.html