Dvd to ipod speed question

i have just put pirates of the caribbean 2 on my daughters ipod, it took about 2 hours to encode and 1 minite to load. the outcome was perfect picture and sound sync but i just wondered if this was norm to take so long. i have done others since and 1 hour plus seems to be the norm to encode films.


The encode time decide by your select profile, video codec, video size.

h264 encode will more slow than mpeg4.

which profile is your using?

As Ting said, the MPEG-4 profile will run MUCH faster (about 400% with my machine and settings).

yes i am converting to the mpeg 4 format. pc spec is 2.8ghz intel pentium 4/ 512mb ddr/ 80gb 7200rpm hard drive/ xp home edition. just did the lion king and that took 1 hour to convert. any sugestions?