Dvd to Ipod software



I currently have an Ipod Classic 120gb and would like to add dvd’s to it. In your opinion, what is the easiest and most reliable software out there that would do this? I currently use anydvd and clonedvd2 to rip and burn dvds now. There is a software called clonedvd mobile that will allow for converting dvd’s to Ipod, however while searching the net I’ve found several others that do the same thing. Also, can you put a “burned” copy of a movie to an ipod or does it have to be the actual movie? Any suggestions would be appreciated. How does putting a DVD onto an ipod or any other portable media device affect encryption?

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Rip and convert to avi. I use AutoGK.


I use Nero Recode, flash 256 (fit to target), this gives me a file I can move to Itunes video, works great on the Itouch.


handbrake works great for me!


thank for the replies, but what do you guys recommend for a newbie like myself. I’m new at this stuff. Any tutorials on how to use Handbrake?



Hello guys and gals,

As I’m contemplating which software will be best for putting a dvd onto my Ipod, are there any freeware software that will do the trick that are relatively simple to use? I’ve heard of Ipod-Cloner, Handbrake, Clonedvd mobile. Any others?

Roughly how long does it take to put a DVD onto a portable device for let’s say a 2 hr movie?

Thanks in advance…and Happy New Year!!!


Conversion/encoding time is cpu dependant, so the time varies based on the speed of your hardware.