DVD to iPod Problem


I’m Trying to put a movie from one of my DVD’s to my newly acquired 80 iPod Video.

I’m using DVD Fab Platinum

It’s converts without any error messages but only Half the the movie.
The file is half the size that what was showing on the screen and progress stops at 52 %.

Anyone help !


I think maybe the problem is not only just for DVD to iPod, which is app cannot read correct data from DVD so conversion finished in half of the movie,

please try to convert other title in this DVD or try to use other profile in “Generic” or “PSP” to convert this title and see the result ?

Please tell use what is your DVD volume, if we have this disc, we will try it.



I ripped 21 Grams and One other without a hitch.
My problem is with OVER THE EDGE. It always stops at 52.35%

I tried several settings and from the DVD or the HDD. Always stops at 52.35%
With 2 pass. It stops at 52.35% and does the second pass ???

I than have a successul message.

Any Ideas.

Look at the DVD in the Customize mode and see if the main movie is not perhaps broken up into two titles. The MPEG 4 modes will only encode ONE title at a time. If the DVD is structured so that the second half of the movie is in another title, it would produce the result you are seeing. There is a way around it if this is the problem. Or is this a disc that you have to turn over to play the second half of the movie?? What happens if you rip the DVD to a HD folder (using one of the DVD copy modes, like “Main Movie”)? Does it complete? Can you play it from the HD folder?

DVDFab has a few issues with the iPod format and decryption.

Try the following;

  1. Get yourself a copy of DVD Decrypter. If you are unable to find it, get Magic DVD Copier from www.magicdvdripper.com
  2. Copy the DVD to the Hard Drive.
  3. Try converting the DVD again.

You may need to copy the main movie only if it fails.

  • I brought this program to do the same thing but have ended up using my other programs after having too many problems. Nice concept in DVDFab iPod conversion. If you find you iPod battery drains quickly, repack the files with Apple QuickTime Pro. You will have to register QuickTime to have this option.

Hello all,

thanks for the Help.

  1. I’ve looked hard and the full movie is only in one title.
  2. I don’t have to turne over the DVD
  3. I ripped it to hard drive Full DVD and movie only without a hitch.
  4. I did Madagascar without any problems.

Ripping from the HD also stops at 52.35 %

Anymore ideas ?

A few. How big is the output file that is produced when it stops at 52%?
Did you change any of the default settings on the 2nd iPod page(the
one that comes up when you click next)? If you can rip Full Disc to HD folder and play it OK, then your original DVD is being read and processed with
no problems.

mine does the same thing and i was told to check out this therd, however seems this is a ongoing problem…


Here is what I did.

  1. I clicked on the iPOd button
  2. I left all settings to default making sure that only the main movie was selected
  3. on the second screen, I left all settings to default.

It was supposed to output a file of about 500 megs.
The progress indicator stops at 52% and the file is only about 240 megs.
I can play the movie in iTunes. but stops halfway.

Over the Edge (NTSC region 1) is the only movie that does this.

I ripped 10 of my other DVD’s without any problems.

hi, Panther_440

Please try this beta version, download from here

Hope your good news, Thanks


installed the beta version.

When on the iPod screens, Crashed when going from the first screen to second screen.
Tried with DVD’s ripped on the HD and fron DVD in the dvd drive.

Tried titles Over the Hedge NTSC region 1 and Monster House NTSC region 1.

I submitted the crash reports via the crash wizard in DVDFabPlatinum.

I would like to add that I have a similar problem with Monster House that stops at 82 and some %.

Thanks for all the help

I’ve tried to copy 3 movies(Superman Returns, Dead Mans Chest, Shrek 2) using DVD to Mobile - Generic and I always get the error message and the program shuts down. I’m sure that it will do it with any movie, but I’ll keep trying.

I just uninstalled and installed and it works now. I’m trying to convert DVD to my new 30 gig ipod. How do you remove the subtitles? I’m using DVD to Mobile and selecting Ipod.

On the first screen (after you’ve clicked iPod) in the lower right hand window,
[B]UNcheck[/B] all boxes labelled “subpicture”. The subtitles will otherwise, as you have discovered, be embedded into the video as it is processed. No way to get them out once they’re in there. :frowning: You’ll have to experiment some with movies like DaVinci Code, which have translations of non-english spoken dialogue as subpictures. I finally got DaVinci right by making a 10 minute clip on the HDD from the disk and reworking it over and over in Mobile mode until I got the right box checked. PITA. If there is an easier way, someone enlighten us. If you want to have the subtitles available for devices that can utilize them but not show in the video normally, you can, on the second screen (after clicking “NEXT”) in the lower right corner marked Subpicture, select “Extract to sub file” rather than “Direct Render to Video” using the drop down box. Note that this option is not available in iPod or PSP mode, only Generic.

sounds like that would be a good idea to make a thread for ipod caption setting for different movies. I ran into it with the Star Wars movies, but i have not tried the different captions.