Dvd to ipod (mp4)

:confused:I am very new to this DVDFAB. I just purchased the “platinum” version. I have made copies of my kids new dvd with no poblems. (I need to hide the originals away because my kids are evil and distructive) My poblem now is turning those same movies into mp4s so I can get them on the evil and destructive childrens ipods. I follow along and I seem to be doing everything right, except everyone that I have done seems to have the “closed captioned” playing the words over the whole movie. Anyone know what I did wrong? Any one know what I can do to stop this from happening?

I had the same problem when I first used DVDFab. The solution is really easy once you see it. In the first screen when you select iPod and your list of titles including main movie shows up, there is a box on the botton left with subpicture information. The subpictures are subtitles (or captions). In order to remove them from your output, simply uncheck the box in front of all subtitles here and proceed as you did previously.

Hope this works for you!


The subpicture selection box is actually on the lower right.:slight_smile:

wow that is simple. Athough more simple would be to call them subtitles and NOT subpicture! thanks for the help