DVD to iPod help



hi everybody im najjia. i need ur advice, please.

so i have the cucosoft DVD to ipod converter & it rocks. ive been able to upload my DVD’s to my ipod to simplify my life. but it doesnt read cdroms & dvds w/ elaborate menus.

thats the only drawback. however, i was thinking of downloading the DvdReMake Pro software so that the cucosoft dvd to ipod converter can ‘read’ it.

so my question is… is that a good option? or did i make a mistake by purchasing the cucosoft in the first place because it doesnt read dvd roms and some foreign dvds (like the ones w/ subtitles n stuff).

please help!


errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no. This would just be a waste of time and money. Try the trial of clonedvdmobile.


wow! thank u so much. ill do just that. :slight_smile:


I came across super dvd to ipod and it seems a good program to convert dvd to ipod video. Hope it helps you.


You could use dvddecrypter to rip what you want from the disks first, and then use your conversion program. It won’t read dvd-roms? It could be that you are coming up against copy-protection there. Slysoft’s AnyDVD is probably the best man for the job. It simply runs in the background to strip the copy protection and you then use your ripping program of choice.


What would everyone say is the best DVD to iPod converter software out there?