DVD to iPod - full screen

Although my movies that I want to convert are widescreen, I wanted the iPod version to be “full screen” as much as possible for ease of viewing. What setting should I set on DVDFab?

I still digging for this answer too. Lot’s of pages to dig through 'tho…


I am still experimenting with these new features too. It looks like, depending on the original DVD you can either:

  1. use crop to set the aspect ratio to 1.3333
  2. use the Advanced Resolution controls to resize the image in a 1.3333 frame.
    I’ll try to post some screen captures later.
    When you see how much of the picture you are missing you will curse Steve Jobs for putting a 4:3 screen on the iPod (and you may decide to keep the black bars, or at least part of them.) :)Ting has given us some powerful tools to manipulate these images :clap:but that very power makes the learning curve a little steep.[quote=ruben782;2046400]I still digging for this answer too. Lot’s of pages to dig through 'tho…


Here is one example of how to use the new controls, in this case, converting a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen movie to pan and scan (NO BLACK BARS) on iPod’s native 320x240 screen.

The first way is to use Customize Crop. This crops the image to about 320x240. It will not appear exactly as cropped because it is anamorphic (stretched) but will be very close. There will be no black bars on your iPod.

[LEFT]The next way is a little more complicated but gives more control and better results with anamorphic widescreen movies. You can leave crop set to Automatic. This method uses the Advanced Resolutions screen to manipulate the image. Note that on this screen, the anamorphic image has been “unstretched” and appears normal. First, select Supported by Device in the upper right. Then scroll down the list of screen sizes and select 320x240, the iPod’s native screen size. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]You can now use the Resize slider to vary the amount of black bars you are willing to accept and also the amount of side image you are willing to loose. All the way to the right is No Black Bars, all the way to the left is regular black bars. The effect of these adjustments will be seen on the displayed image from the movie. You can use the Play Time slider to look at different points to make sure your choices are good tradeoffs for all parts of the movie.The yellow outline is the iPod screen.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The adjustments (particularly when using crop) will be slightly different for letterboxed widescreen but the procedure is similar. Don’t be afraid to experiment.[/LEFT]

Ting, one of the DVDFab developers, has read this over and tells me that the second method is the preferred way to accomplish this, though both will work. This will be expanded with examples for other devices and put in the Tutorial.
In the second example below, it should read “Leave Crop set to Disabled”. The 320x240 iPod native screen size may not appear on the list if you don’t (content dependent).

Hey signals, thanks for the walkthrough, appreciate it.
I never played much with the screen sizes on my Ipod, but thought I’d give it a whirl.
I chose the #2 method (seemed more solid of the 2) and it worked perfectly with the following changes.

If I chose [B]“Supported by Device”[/B], the desired screen size 320 X 240 (default) was not populated…plus the resize slider was disabled…just plain dead in the water.

However, if I chose [B]“Zoomed by Source Aspect”[/B], the entire process completed without a hitch…I have full screen when viewed on my Ipod, ie., no black bars and no unused portion of the screen.

I must be missing something here, but it works perfectly…:cool:…go figure

If the original content is 4:3 OR if Crop is left on Automatic this can happen. Not sure why otherwise.:confused: How did you have crop set? Thanks for test run work:) This is very much a work-in-progress.

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. Like I said, I’m sure I’m missing something, but I haven’t really dedicated much time to this yet.

The test flick (doing just 1 chapter) is Alien vs Predator (2004) and the aspect ratio is 2.35 : 1.
Interestingly, none of the 3 crop settings seem to have any affect on being able to select [B]“Supported by Device”[/B] or the desired screen size[B] 320 X 240 [/B].

Only by selecting [B]“Zoomed by Source Aspect”[/B] am I able to utilize both the resize slider and select 320 X 240.
This process works perfectly…:confused:

Like I said, I’ll have to devote some time to this when I get a chance.

Thanks again pard.

Sound great, that second method mentioned should do just fine for me. Much thanks for the info!

hmmmn just quickly glanced at his thread but you could, rip it widescreen and then just - change the setting in your ipod to view it fullscreen.

Yes, you could but the video quality will be better if the “zoomed” pixels are actually encoded rather than zoomed by the player. Zooming with player is the equivalent of reducing the bits/pixel encoded.