Dvd to ipod doesnt work for Iphone

Good morning all, I was wondering if anyone could lend a hand. I recently purchased an Iphone and attempted to load a few movie on it from Itunes which did not work. I received an error message along the lines of…Iphone cannot find files. The files were originally converted using dvdfab to ipod. I upgraded my fab yesterday and noticed there is a dvd to phone,pda & pvp option. In my thinking it would only make sense that the ipod files would work on the phone as it is basically the same thing. Now does the phone have a completely different video format other than mp4’s? I cant figure it out… Any help is greatly appreciated.


maybe if you had posted in the dvdfab section you would get an answer or maybe a kindly mod will move your post for you. :slight_smile:

You may need to exercise some patience.
I sincerely doubt that there are currently more than a handful of iPhone owners on these forums.

Having never even seen the device, except for the ads, most people are not yet that familiar with the functions and quirks of the device.

Be patient, another iPhone owner may stumble on this thread and provide more assistance.

Here is a video on how to really use a iphone.

Note: I’m joking.

Oh give the OP a break after all 15hrs in line for an IPhone, be nice all!.. :slight_smile:

Dvd to ipod doesnt work for Iphone…

Did you really expect it to? (JK) someone will eventually release an iPhone convertor. Meanwhile why don’t you RTFM and find a format that will work with your toy.

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See…There you go. I just now saw that on giveaway. Better hurry!

You can use dvd to iphone software to converse dvd to video iphone,then you can watch dvd on iphone.