DVD to Ipod Close Captioning is on movie

I converted a DVD to mp4 with my dvdfab plat… I just bought it so im a little new at the conversions. At any rate… the last 2 movies I made into mp4… worked well… no issues. They seem to be in sync and everything. But the close captioning is at the bottom. Is there a setting that I need to flip so the words are not showing on the bottom of the movie? I checked the ipod and I dont see any setting to turn off or on for that matter. Im sure there is a simple answer, but cant seem to find it. Thanks for the help.

Hi.there is no settings on the ipob asfar is i know,but on the dvd fab settings (when you insert the movie and click ipod)is a window on the right side,uncheck box under subpicture and you won’t have any close captioning.

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Thanks StormJumper,trying to help someone,not jast asking questions all the time.

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