DVD to IPOD audio problem

New to this forum but I need help figuring out why my audio and video are not synched when I play Davinci Code on my IPOD. The sound is great and the picture is great, they just don’t match! What am I doing wrong? I recently purchased DVDFabPlatinum so it’s a new download. Thanks for any help!

Hi LeanneR and welcome to cdfreaks,

Sorry, I’m not much help with this one.
I’ve seen this av sync problem pop up quite a bit with users, so you’ve got company.
I doubt you’re doing anything wrong.
I’ve been converting to mpeg-4 since Feb '07 and never had a problem.

Two suggestions:
Ting is Fengtao’s expert and is extremely helpful and responsive.
He’s asked users to post in this thread:
Please tell us the problem when you using DVDFab mobile function
Post some details for him and he’ll get back to you.

Here are my settings. They’ve never failed me.
Hope they work for you.

[Edit] I should have added, if you’re using 2 pass, try 1 pass instead.

Thanks for the info. I tried your settings but got the same output. I will take your advice and post at Fengtao’s thread. Thanks for the help.