DVD to iphone 3G

Just updated to the latest DVDFab version 5. Tried numerous times to transfer the DVD of ‘300’ to iphone 3g. Set up per instructions on web site… DVD to device…ipod…iphone. Clicked start… computer took the normal hr. or so to convert and gave a ‘successful’ icon after it was done but nothing ever was transferred to phone. Have a Dell Xp400 with an XP OS. I’ve tried plugging the USB cord into both available ports on front of tower. Any suggestions…can you walk me though it?


DVD Fab will not transfer it to the phone. All it will do is create the file.

You will have to use iPhone sync software to transfer it to the phone.

Usually just a copy and paste process with other phones. Don’t know about the iPhone.

ah, thanks.

Figured it out now… It creates a file and then you import the file through itunes.

what settings did you use to convert the dvd? what version of itunes and iphone firmware do you have?