DVD to Hardrive?

Im new to the DVD game so im sure is an ezy question for some…Are you able to copy the DVD Movie from the dvd drive to your hardrive?? …Im guessing you have to rip it first ?? does nero do this?? or is there an easier way?? cheers :smiley:

Yes, it is possible. MovieDVDs are copy protected: Macrovision and/or CSS. Therefore you need tools like DVDDecrpyter or AnyDVD. They remove those protections. Then you can use Smartripper, DVDShrink, CloneDVD 2 or a lot of others to get them on your hdd.

Just get DVD Decrypter and push the effing DVD to HD button. Done. Play it w/ any software DVD player, ie, PowerDVD. DVD Shrink as the name implies is for shrinking a full size movie to fit on a 4.7GB (4.38GB) DVD media for burn.

I’m using dvd decrypter, and as im ripping/decrypting it, its showing a bunch of .vob, .bup, and .ifo files, what do i do from there to get it to a .avi file so i can watch it on my lap top?

(I wanna get it to an avi file, around 650-700 megs also)
If you can point me to another thread, that would be appreciated

DVD to Divx

Ok… i read the tutorial… the only difference is… i used dvd decrypter instead of smart ripper… i waited like 8-10 hours for the encoding process to finish… when it did… i tried playing back the .avi file that was created… and i had NO sound whatsoever… maybe i ripped it wrong?

When i ripped it, i saw a lot of ifo, bup, and vob files, but nothing like an mp3 file, etc (not sure if this has any bearing on things)

So anyways… i ripped the dvd using dvd decrypter, than used vidomi to re-encode it in avi format, using the settings specified for vidomi… when it was done, and i tried playing the avi file back… i had no sound…

Any clue where i goofed? :confused:

Either you didn’t follow the guide correctly or simply reading a bad guide.

Check out CloneAD’s guide. I used their DVD to DivX guide before I went DVD to DVD. Good guides.

Try here. There are a number of DVD to DivX guide for different encoding programs. Personnlly I like DVDx for encoding DivX movies.

Hope that helps.