DVD to hardrive

I want to be able to transfer movies from dvd to hardrive. To watch from hardrive, what software tool is best at the moment?

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DVD Decrypter is the best, but being not more updated you need to enhance it with RipIt4Me (free) or with AnyDVD (not free but very good too).

I’ve been using dvd decrypter, However on some DVD’s I’m getting I/O errors at 60% decrypting completion then it aborts process pop window (see info below) >

I/0 Error!

Device:[0:0:0}_NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A 1.04 (G:)(ATA)

ScsiStatus: 0x002
Interpertaion:Check Condition

CDB: 28 00 00 21 EB E0 00 00 01 00
Interpretation: Read(10) - Sector: 2223072

Sense Area: F0 00 03 00 21 EB E0 0a 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00
Interpretation: No Seek Complete

Abort Retry Ignore

*** Also says Dvd Decrypter window, under Information heading shows this> ****
Name: VTS_01_05.VOB
LBA: 2126811
Size: 1,048,538kb
Key: N/A
Transferred: 192,522kb
Read Error: 1(70 retries)

3 Sectors remain on file to copy

As I said, on some recent titles decrypter is not more able to work correctly, and you need to use it in association with ripit4me or anydvd.

Problem solved Ripit4me did the trick.

Thanks geno

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