Dvd to hard drive



How do I store my dvd collection noto an external hard drive? 1000 or so in storage cases. Need to have a way to store and retrieve to burn at later date.


What format do you want them in? 1000 dvds at an average size of 6 or 7 gb uncompressed would be considerably larger than any external hard drive that you can buy today. And you need to decide how you are going to play these files. Are you going to stream them using a PS3, or some other media player, or are you just going to run them from the computer?

Even if you did movie only, or compressed in size to fit a single layer dvd, you’re still looking at 4.3tb total, and the largest hard drives are only nominally 2tb.

So, unless you plan on buying several hard drives, it looks like you’d need to compress to either H264 files or xvid, and H264 will yield smaller files with equal quality.

Rip each movie to a hard drive using either AnyDVD or DVDFab, then convert to .mkv or .mp4 files using the H264 codec. You can do this with Handbrake or Ripbot264. But again, you need to know beforehand how you want to play the files before using one of these formats. Neither work in a regular stand alone dvd player.

Some dvd players can handle xvid avi files just fine, so if you have such a player, that means a different type of conversion and different tools. AutoGK or AviDemux would be fine for converting decrypted dvd-video to xvid .avi files.


Thanks for the reply. All I want to do is retrieve them to burn to disk later.


Then I would suggest using DVDFab or AnyDVD + DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter to copy each dvd to an ISO file. An ISO file is an image of the entire disk. You can burn it to a dvd using ImgBurn.

The problem you face is that most commercial dvds are too large to fit in their entirety on a single layer dvd. For the majority, when you try to burn these onto disks, you’d have to burn to double layer dvds, and they are more expensive. The only blank DL dvds we recommend on a regular basis are sold under the Verbatim brand.

It is possible to shrink each dvd down to size to fit a regular 4.3gb dvd using DVDShrink or DVDFab and save the output as an ISO. But you won’t have the exact same quality as the original when you apply compression.

And as I pointed out earlier, there is no way you are going to fit 1000 dvd-videos onto a single external drive without changing format to xvid or H264.


I have them all main movie only and realize it will take several hard drives to do the job. I have clone, fab, shrink, imgburn,any dvd all on my pc. It’s just a hassle to thumb through the cases to find a movie and want to keep them from scratches, etc. On a hard drive I will be able to scroll through them and find them easier. Thanks for the help. ISO files should do it.


If you are going to play ISO files on the computer, most players won’t work with them directly. VLC media player will play them with no issues.

You can also mount them in a free program called VirtualClone Drive and any dvd playback software will work with them then.