DVD to Hard Drive without compressing

Hello everyone. I as brand new to forums so please bare with me. I am looking for software to copy a DVD to my Hard DRive with compressing the movie. I plan on removing unnessary stuff but I want to keep the full quality the DVD has. I am wondering if DVDFab is what I’m looking for, unless one of the programs I currently have would work. My understand is it should take 10 hours to copy a DVD to hard drive with compression??

I current having Clone DVD and a couple of others but I don’t think the others would work for this.

Thanks for any help you can give

You can give DVDFAB Platinum a try and yes it will do what you want, It has a 30 day free trial so give it a shot, also make sure you d/l from dvdfab.com and NOT dvdfab.net also if you have any problems there is a DVDFAB Forum here on CD Freaks.
And nooooo it will not take 10 hours to copy and shrink a movie, DVDFAB will rip,shrink (if needed) and burn to disc in about 15 minutes