DVD to H264 with chapters, subtitles, multiple audio streams?

Hi, I love the results I get with handbrake but Media Center/Media Player don’t recognize the chapters, subtitles, or extra audio streams.

At this point I assume there’s no way to make MC/MP recognize them, because people act like I brought up the family crossdresser when I ask about it.

So what are my other options? I just downloaded StaxRip which proved to be a giant waste of time because I don’t think it even knows WTF a chapter is.

Can anyone recommend some software here? Getting kinda frustrated with the whole endeavor at this point.

I don’t use or have MediaPlayer, any version, so no help with that. I will ask if you’ve tried any other media player and if so what were the results? There are any number of freeware video converters, I like Handbrake for mp4, you can try like Ripbot264 or Xvid4psp or Super or Format Factory, just to name a few.