Apparently, the latest version allows DVD to DVD ‘recompression’ but how is this done? Is it just a matter of loading the main IFO file? Will it do menus and extras? many thanks!

Hi there,

I have not tried a FULL dvd with menus and all, but the theory is that.

Load the VIDEO_TS.IFO and it will load every titlesets of the DVD.

BUT I think VSO will create it’s own menu, with 1 entry for each titleset.

ConvertXtoDVD Menu:

Main Movie

I need to test this for myself.

The last tests I have done, I only kept the Main Movie Titleset.

Please let us know your findings if you try the full DVD !

As for the compression, those .VOB files are MPEG2 videos, so ConvertXtoDVD will threat them just like when you convert an .AVI

It will recalculate the necessary bitrate so it will fit on a DVD5, therefor reduce it from a DVD9 to a DVD5 :bigsmile:

Also usefull for people who needs to convert a NTSC to PAL dvd (or vice versa).

One quick test I tired adds all the video parts (extras, trailers, even studio logos) into separate menu items. Its a shame it doesn’t keep the original menus, still, it could be a nice feature!



It’s nice to be able to convert the main movie from PAL to NTSC, but as stated in the above thread, I wish for ConvertXtoDVD to stay a Conversion software, not a DVD Copy Machine :eek:

An other test to be done, is load the VIDEO_TS.IFO but do not add a ConvertXtoDVD Menu.

I’m curious to see if the DVD menu will still work.
Maybe the track / title # will change so it might go weird.

Ask for the main movie and get the trailer etc…

My 2 cents…

Hi Rendez2k,

For the version 3 we are going to see if we can keep original menu as (an otpion as you suggested above) at the same times a adding the option for making advanced menus. I think both of these will be an option in version 3.

Great news - can’t wait!