DVD to DVD Edge of Darkness



Has anyone tried to backup Edge of Darkness. I tried with and I got a message that it is not supported by DVDFab.
I use XP.


Done with ver and vers

got a message that it is not supported by

May pertain to if you have the paid version or the free version.Movie is new which means that DVDFab free version will not do it.


Thank you Bean55.

How does one get the older version. I downloaded the beta version of to try to back up Leap Year, which didn’t work, (see my previous post the the beta version thread) and it destroyed my desktop so I am reluctant to try again.


I just did this movie yesterday with path player always enabled, great movie if you like action


are you using the free or paid version, if the free then it won’t do it for another 90 days or so when it is updated


no need to be double posting as it makes it hard for people to help you also just how did dvdfab destroy your desktop



Do you have the paid version or the free version of DVDFab?

You may have a bad pressed disc, you can try and return it and get another new disc and then try again with it.


Hey Jimbo I guess you type faster than me :bigsmile:


Howdy Eugene that was a great movie I thought


Yes it was Jimbo I really enjoyed it


OK Eugene I’ll bow out and let you help Bob, I posted the link to get in Bob’s other post


Well Bob I asked you a question 15 min ago and you didn’t answer it so I’m gone good luck


Thanks all,
I have the paid licensed version.
I am sorry but I don’t know what ‘path player’ is in order to turn it on.
My desktop had all the colours changed and it created a blurred double image of the task bar at the bottom.


go to setting and under path player have it checked to always enable and if you have version or it will do this movie also you can hit F5 to refresh this screen that way you don’t have to wait so long for it to update thus get answers faster


Thank you.
I just installed and made this PP change and it seems to be working now.
By the way, this version did not destroy my desktop. It was on that did.
Thanks again.


Good glad that you got it going and for all newer movies you will have to have path player set that way, I always leave mine set as always enable, good luck


bob40 glad to hear it’s working.

As far as destroying the desktop this is the first time I have heard of that happening, I also have it loaded on a Win 7 Ult 64 bit machine and a Win XP 32 bit machine and have not had that problem.


Me either Eugene, first time I have heard of this and I run XP


BTW Bob you should be able to do Leap Year now also


Once again thanks to all. It is nice to be answered so quickly and accurately.
I appreciate the help.