DVD to DVD copying - non-protecting

I am struggling greatly burning DVD’s (they are not retail movies or anything cpoy protecting) on my LG 4163B. I’ve mainly been using Fuji+R (made in Japan) and Ritek + and - R. I’ve had at least 10 coasters today and it’s getting fairly frustrating. I’ve beening using Nero and the “Copy DVD” option to do it. Out of maybe 12 tries, I’ve had 2 successes today. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appriciated.

quick question… I’ve ripped the ISO to my harddrive with DVD Decrypter then burned it, also with Decrypter, and it seems to be working. My question is do I lose any quality in doing that as opposed to the direct copy feature in Nero?

Are you going straight from DVD to DVD, without writing it to your hard drive first? That’s certainly not a good idea. Ripping with DVD Decrypter to an ISO first is certainly the right idea, and no, there is no loss in quality. You’re likely to lose more from doing a drive-to-drive copy.

yes, that’s what I was doing:-(

The other thing to bear in mind is that copying on the fly is risky is a read error occurs. The result is a wasted DVD.
I tend to do DVD to ISO & ISO to DVD, it’s the safest approach.


Have got to totally agree - this IS the best way to do copy to copy-

Also you may want to burn at the disc rated speed rather than trying to burn at a higher speed IMO-


I haven’t had any problems copying cd’s or dvd’s. I copy from primary ide drive to secondary ide drive or visaversa, never more than 24x on cd’s, and at 8x on dvd’s. No coasters yet. But I agree that the ideal method is to transfer to hd, then back to dvd/cd.

Exactly what I was getting at. When you need two drives to keep up with each other in order for everything to be successful, what happens when there’s a read or write error? Does it skip that part of the disc, slow down and cause the burn to fail, stop altogether, etc etc…

Now you have 4 of us saying it. Do it this way. DVD to ISO & ISO to DVD