Dvd to dv avi conversion

Most pc computers come with MS Movie Maker software which edits home movies very well, but it needs the DV avi format(from a camera) to edit the video.
Is there a way to convert from the general DVD format to the DV avi format in my computer, or do I need to buy a conversion program.
I am new, so this question may have an answer already
but I have not been able to find it.

AVI DeMux should fill the bill. Rip the movie to your Hard Drive using your favorite ripper (DVD Fab HD Decrypter is good) then drop one of the VOB files on AVI Demux. It will load the whole movie. You can then cut parts out if you want. Pick DV for the video and whatever type audio WMM wants, AVI for the container and remember to add the .AVI extension to the filename. On the linked page there are also links to guides.

I find the format limitations of Windows Movie Maker to be so irksome that it is not worth using. It causes people to convert just to import their videos, then the output doesn’t play on any standalone dvd players without yet another conversion. This degrades the quality of the video quite a lot.

WMM is not a general purpose editor. It is, as you say, meant for home movie editing.

If you are starting with dvd-video, you can use a free conversion program called SUPER to convert to .wmv format before importing into WMM. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/SUPER Use the direct link at that site, so you don’t have to wade through several pages of propaganda at the SUPER site.

You’ll still have the conversion->edit->conversion problem using WMM.

Have you tried other programs for editing? AviDemux can handle most formats, including mpeg2 found in dvds. If you need frame accurate cuts in mpeg2, you’ll want to look at the commercial programs from Womble or VideoReDo.

You have been a great help.Thanks! I will try these solutions. I only need it for my home movies so I believe these will work for me.