DVD to Divx

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if you can recommend a program that converts/compresses DVD movies to Divx (or other formats).I have used some programms,mostly freewares,and the results were terrible!So I’m looking for a program that produces divx’s of good/excellent quality.Since I’m looking for quality conversions that means that the programm doesn’t have to be fast,friendly user or free.Of course If there’s a program out there that has all these qualities I woudn’t say no!I don’t know if it makes any difference but I’m planning to convert my large collection of dvd’d so that means that mostly i will be doing DVD rips.Really looking forward to hear you opinion on what you are using.Thanks in advance.

Try Gordian knot. The resulting quality is related on how you configure the codec (divx or xvid), and this software allow to manually set all options (it’s not exactly user-friendly but if you know what you are doing then it’s a good choice for you).

See also the guides (worth to read in my opinion)

Another alternative is mencoder. See also the software home page.