DVD to Divx using DVDx 2.0?


i am new to Divx and i tryed some programs but it’s hard so i like the DVDx 2.0 because it’s very easy.

1-my problem is when i tryed to convert to divx i see that the sound come faster than the picture !!! using the YUY2 but with RGB24 it’s OK !!
why this happen ??? and which one better the YUY2 or the RGB24 ???

2- when i am creating the Divx file i see there is a black parts like the widescreen movie !!! but the original movie is not a widscreen !!!
why this happen and i am using Full(16/9 or 4/3 input) ???

3- which better in audio quality the LAME or WAV or ACM ??

4- should i convert the 48KHZ to 44.1KHZ ??? or just leave it ??

5- what should i choose the :

1 Pass - CBR
1 Pass - Quality-based
2 Pass , first pass
2 Pass , second pass

and why ???

6- what is the avrage Encoding bitrate i should take that will give me good picture and less space ??

thank you…

i don’t know all answer, because i keep changing the settings (a bad habbit)

but look at;



ok i just find the Vidomi and it’s better.

thanks for help

you could try easy divx