DVD to -DivX or Xvid- with "dvd structure"

Is there a program capable of converting a video DVD into DivX or Xvid maintaining the entire DVD structure…I would like to keep everything, from the subtitles, to the special inserts, to the interactive menus.
Is it possible :confused: ?

No, you can’t do that with XviD/DivX… but I suggest to take a look at ratDVD homepage and the ratDVD subforum here at CDF. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: :iagree: .

Wow wow wow!!!
Thanks eltranquil :bigsmile: ! It’s just what I was looking for! :iagree: !!
The only bad thing is that RatDVD can’t be played on my stand alone DVD player, but who cares…I can watch it on my PC!
Thanks again :wink: !

Mmmmhh…I was wondering if the video quality of RatDVD is better than programmes like DVDShrink (obviously creating a file with the same dimension)…there is no point of using RatDVD if someone tells me it has a worse picture quality respect DVDShrink.
So….which is the case? Which produce better quality video?

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