DVD to DivX guide @ Bitbenderforums.com - another one indeed

I just posted the article DVD to DivX guide @ Bitbenderforums.com - another one indeed.

There are many guides on the internet to convert your DVD movies to DivX, so you can watch them from a CD or, if the movie is not copyrighted share them on the populair file sharing networks…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4513-DVD-to-DivX-guide--Bitbenderforums_com---another-one-indeed.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4513-DVD-to-DivX-guide--Bitbenderforums_com---another-one-indeed.html)

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Firstly I’d like to say that I hope loads of people read this article and follow it’s advice. Why? Well so many people create these AVI files (sharing them out on the likes of Kazaa) and they’re full of corruption, and/or created with crap codecs. I’ve even found one recently that seems to have it’s audio track compressed with the Ogg Vorbis audio compressor! What the hell was that for? I’ve installed the codec and various Ogg Vorbis things yet I can’t get any sound out of it. There is a further point though, why encode to DiVX when at present there’s virtually no home DiVX players available? All you can realistically do is plug you’re PC into the TV, which isn’t that practical really. So why not encode to MPEG1 or 2? I accept that MPEG2 files are really too bulky, but what about MPEG1? It maybe be relatively low quality, but it’s still chuffin’ good when it’s virtually for free! Particularly if lifted from DVD. You can fit 1 hour 30-32 minutes films on a single CD easily with an appropriate disc and CD-Writer. Lite-On and Plextor are my preference. So get reading you spotty little herberts out there and learn how to create DiVX properly, at least we’ll then have something worthwhile turning into a VCD with the assistance of TMPGEnc. I suppose what I’m really saying is that DiVX may be very good quality, but there’s no real standard, which makes it next to useless really.

It’s not because you can’t setup your PC to run XviD that other ppl can’t. BTW. My XBox doesn’t think DivX or XviD is useless, it plays it fine.

Roll on MPEG2/MPEG4 players. There are companies out there that have the chips to playback DVD and Divx movies already, they just haven’t been incorporated into a commercial box (yet - I hope!)

VCD :r I can’t be bothered with it. If its a choice betwen a VCD and buying an original DVD, I’d buy the DVD. Low quality rips distract you from the movie and make it less enjoyable. When I rip my own DivX movies, I try not to fit more than an hour per 700MB. I find that 50 minutes or less per disc, you have a copy almost indistinquishable from the original. Making use of 99min CDs can give you a good quality boost on longer movies. Anyway, hopefully soon we will all have DVD recorders and we won’t have to mess about with all of this anymore.