DVD to Divx conversion

Hi I have dvd fab plat and I understand it is supposed to convert dvds to divx. I want to convert my dvds to divx and record them on a networked hard drive and use my dlink media player to watch the movies.

I would like to maintain the structure of the dvd if possible with the previews etc. I would also like to have the DTS or dolby surround sound saved also.

Can this be done with DVD Fab Plat? If so how?

NOTE: I am saying I want Divx as I believe that Divx is the smallest sized files for having high quality video and audio. If you have a different format or suggestion please let me know! Thanks! Ray

Hi Darkweb,
Dvd fab uses Xvid and mp3 in its Generic mode.As far as DTS and Dolby Surrond goes, try Xmpeg with your DivXPro codec, or DivX Author. Xmpeg is free!
Cheers Bollux

The default Generic profile (unless changed by user) is actually Xvid+audiocopy (uses source audio, so whatever is on the DVD and selected for processing will be in the output) in an AVI package, but MP3 is also available.

Hi Signals,
I stand corrected , Life is a learning curve!I said mp3, because of small files, and will play on anything with good volume. Anyway,great forum and Dvd Fab Plat rules.

              Cheers Bollux

What is the best settings for converting a dvd to an xvid format for playing on a media server and having the server output played on a HD tv with surround sound capability. The source is NOT HD and the output will not of course be HD just letting you know the quality of the display. Its a 60 inch HD if that makes any difference.

I would like to know the best and easiest way to do this and have a smaller size file if possible thanks Ray

Hi, Ray and welcome to the forum. With a 60" display you will probably need to really push the bitrate slider way over to the right. File sizes may approach half the MPEG-2 VOB sizes on the original DVD. I would suggest you experiment with short segments (1-2 chapters) of several movies at different bitrate settings and see what looks acceptable to you. Wish I had the problem of feeding a 60" display.:slight_smile:

I am new to Xvid, but gave it a shot after reading this post. I went from DVD to Generic, copied the resulting avi to my media server, and watched it over the network on a media player. The video looked great, but the audio was 2 channel instead of the source 5.1. Any idea what I did wrong? TIA

Not sure. Check to see that the player’s codec supports 5.1.

The player supports 5.1 audio. I have no problem playing ripped VOBs with 5.1 audio. It seems like when I ripped to AVI the audio downsampled to 2 channel. I’ll try ripping another movie (deleted the first one) and check the AVI on the PC to see if the audio is 2 channel or if my player is causing the issue. Thanks

This time I got the 5.1 soundtrack. I must have done something stupid like pick the wrong audio track. Thanks

Wondered about this all day. Glad to see you got it working:clap: .