DVD to Creative Zen Vision W



Dear all
I am completely new to the world of DVDfab and have so far only tried to copy a DVD to my portable player (up til now, I have used clone DVD and any dvd for DVD backups.

But here is my problem (and perhaps solution):
My main reason for getting the DVDfab was to put my DVD movies on to my newly purchased Creative Zen Vision W. After having searched the WWW for suitable software, I stumbled upon this great piece of software.
I have now tried several movies, but unfortunatelly I have not yet been able to produce anything top notch for my player.

On my first atempt, I managed to get the movie on to the player, but regretablæy there was no sound. At first I thought: what a stupid piece of software, but then noticed that the output audio profile could be altered to fit my needs. Switched the profile to include mp3 as audio and tried again.
This time, I did not even get the picture. My player claimed that the resolution on the movie was not supported by my player. When I think about it, I think that I accidentally set the resolution to something way more than may player is capable of handling (480 x 272)

So here is my next atempt:
Set the audio to mp3 mode and the resolution to 480 x 272 (or something close by)

Do you knowledge loaded CD freaks know if this will work???

And what about the bitrate. the DVD fab suggests 64 bit, but wouldn’t 128 be more preferable? (in regards to better sound quality)

I am not home right nok, therefore I can’t just go ahead and try abnd see for myself it it works…

Thank you so much in advance

Sencierly a confused Dane


I’ve not tried making files for my Vision W using DVDfab, I use another piece of software that I won’t mention out of politeness as this is the DVDfab forum. I do have DVDfab platinum however and a Vision W. I can have a go tonight at making a movie work if you’d like me to try, however what you’re suggesting should work.

In regards to sound quality, if it’s a movie with a lot of music with speech over the top, like Crank for example, I’d push the bitrate to the max settings, which I’m assuming is 320.

Send me a PM if you’d like me to have a go tonight when I get home and we can sort it out together.

Kind regards,


There have been posts from other W users in the past who succesfully modified the Generic profile to work with that device. Use the advanced forum search for posts by GregRocket with the keyword Zen.