Heyo, returning member, have a question for you DVD/CD freaks out there.

I bought a couple copies of Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Edition on Amazon.com the other day. Theyre not here yet, hehe, Im preparing. Ya see, it comes on a DVD, and I dont have a DVD drive. Im using a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252F. As far as I know, that wont read a DVD, right?

If thats the case, the other copy is for my girlfriend, who is using a SAMSUNG CD/DVDW SH-W162C drive. She will be able to install hers just fine. I could borrow her drive long enough to install mine, as well. What happens the next time I need to install it, if I dont have access to the drive? Better to solve this problem sooner than later. So here is my question:

Is it possible for us to write a backup of the DVD to one or more regular CDs, so that I will be able to install my DVD copy of UT04 without a DVD drive? Alternatively, could I rip the DVD and mount the file from my hard drive with Daemon Tools? :confused:

Ive never dealt with DVD technology myself, so Im fairly noob at this. Thanks in advance for your helpful replies.

Try Super DVD ripper:


Hope this helps.

The easiest thing to do is use Daemon Tools

Thanks Macro, looks promising, Ill check into it. Would that burn a DVD data disc, such as the one I mentioned in my original post, to CD? If not, then my goal is still out of reach until someone can shed some light on the subject.

sikoone, would you mind elaborating? Perhaps explain the process and utilities involved? Should I use Alcohol? Should it be a .mds? .iso? Around how large an image am I looking at? Thanks.

One idea thats been proposed is to rip an image, span it into 700mb files via WinZip or WinRAR, and back the files up on to CDs. Not exactly what I had in mind, but the end result is the same. Any other ideas?

Anybody? :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest option I should think is to buy a dvd reader/writer for you computer they are so cheap now that it is not worth all the messing around. Just a Thought!!

Gee thats pretty clever. Was that to be helpful, or to get your post count up?
Thanks anyway guys. :rolleyes:

No need for sarcastic comments please :cop:.

It is a reasonable suggestion; since from the information you have given the price of a DVD-ROM unit is likely to be less than what you’d have to pay for software to overcome the copy protection.

In fact you should wait for the DVDs to arrive and see whether they’re copy protected or not. If you do a search on CD Freaks, there are many threads dealing with the copy protection (or lack of it) on UT 2004 CD editions.

If there’s no copy protection, then I imagine you could make an image using Alcohol 120% when you borrow the other drive. I am not sure whether a simple DVD ISO image taken by Daemon Tools would work: another reason for you to do that search and see what has already been achieved by members here.

Thanks for the advice, imkidd.

Upon searching the forum I found the following thread:

Albiet theres nothing here about backing up the DVD version to CD(s) (is that possible with any game dvd? if so, how?) It does confirm that I will be able to rip an image via software I already have installed, and mount via Daemon Tools. I guess Ill just have to span the image into archives across multiple CDs, using WinZip/WinRAR, in case I ever need to reinstall again. There is also mention that an official patch from the company removes the CD check present in the release versions. Hooray for not having to leave the image on my hard drive!

Seems this topic is finished. If anyone has ever backed up a game DVD to CD(s) via some crazy program voodoo, by all means follow up, Id be interested in knowing how to do it. Until then, thanks for the confirmation CD freaks. :clap:

You are better be off to just spend around $30 bucks and buy a brand name DVD burner and copy happily after.