Dvd to cd

Hi to all :slight_smile:
I am a 60yr old retiree living in a small technology starved South African town, desperate to find a simple answer to what I thought was a simple question.
Being new to all this I thought by typing my question into Google, I would receive an instant and accurate answer :disagree:
Ok, you have probably heard it a thousand times but here goes - Can I copy a dvd movie onto a single cd, and play it on my dvd player, if yes, how do I do it?
Would appreciate a response even if you tell me it cannot be done.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Yes it’s possible but are you really prepared for the very significant video quality drop that’ll happen if you try this?

You’re sure that your DVD player will play VCD & SVCD presumably.

Have a look at the guides in our Guides & Tutorials section for Video stuff. Look here .

There are several that cover DVD to VCD & SVCD so might be helpful.

Thanks for your quick response.
Have checked out the guides you linked me to and there seems to be a lot for me to digest before attempting this, but at least I now have an authorative source.
Appreciate the help, I now know where to come.

Being retired like me you should have the time to study up on it.

You’re bound to have many questions after a bit of reading so just post them back here & you’ll probably get answers quite quickly.

It would be good to keep this thread going with your queries rather than creating a new thread each time.