Dvd to cd ?!

:rolleyes: Im intrested if there is any program that can split an dvd iso image on to 7-8 cds. to be more specific i have an 4.2 iso image with a game but i want to split that iso and burn it on cds and install the game from cds not from dvd i hope i`ve made myself undertood :slight_smile: :rolleyes:

I’m fairly sure that due to CD checks, that is impossible.

The only possibility that I could think of would be to use a backup program (eg BackupMyPC) that splits an image over mulitple Cds. Installing the game would be a case of restoring the image from backup & mounting the resultant image on a virtual drive (eg Daemon Tools). This is cumbersome to say the least.

I would have thought that 7/8 CDs cost more than a single DVD, but if you’ve not got a DVD writer then that’s not a possible option.

Without constructing a custom install process to request “insert CD 2/3/4” etc I cannot see that there is any easy way.

The ideea is that i need a prog that will ask for next disk… the problem is not that i dont have a dvd rw but i need the game on cds so can u tell me what progs can i use for custom install and split the image on cd`s ?


Actualy i belive i need a program first to split the image on 700 mb iso then i need a program that will make an custom install but i didn`t find any so it will be very usefull if you can tell me some :slight_smile:

I think the only way you can do it is with C++

I think the only way you can do that as well is with C++

There is no such thing like universal program to do that… u can do it by yourself 1 split DVD on a 7-8CD … then write setup.exe …which will copy files (from splited into CD’s dvd) into right place and edit reginstry.

there is other whay to do that… more simple… if that have u got 2 OS (win) if yes check if game can be runed from other OS (not that where u instaled it). if it’s working its mean … its dont need regenstry entris … it making its selvs after run…
if not working … there should be error signature “missing file… or reg entry” then reboot (to windows where u instal it) look for “missing file” win Windows CAtalog, “reginstry entrys” u can export… using regedit.exe
After this u can pack whit winrar instalation catalog on caple CD’s + file.reg whit reg entries it could work :S


to check reginstry entries … u can use norton reginstry compare
to check files copied to Windows u can use F3 and find by date

… the problem is that win WinAce ive packed all the content of that on cds. After this ive burned on cds and now it asks for next cd but it only copy the content of this on hdd. This is one way of doing it :) but ... i know someone that made from the same dvd 7 cds with GTA game and now when i insert the cd1 it starts with the setup same as on dvd… so it used an program to do that. And yes he dosen`t want to tell me how :frowning:

why do u need to extract it? I’m wondering if u actually bought the game or downloaded it illegally…

Actualy i bought it but as you know the game is on dvd and i need to install the game on another pc where i only have cd rw so that`s why i need this. There are few games that where released only on dvd and i want to have them on cd. :confused:

Well then… The incredibly easy fix is to just buy a cheap DVD-ROM for that computer. I really don’t think this is worth the trouble.

… yeah that would be an option but still i need to know if there is any programs to do this…

None that I’ve heard of. I think anyone developing such a thing would realize that their profit margins would be quite low, due to the cost of DVD-ROM drives being incredibly cheap.

bah …

  1. made image of that f… DVD
  2. split image to caple CDs
  3. copy all CD’s and unpack to get image of DVD
  4. instal nero image drive
  5. … instal game