DVD to CD with EasyDivX?


I have try it to make my first rip-dvd with Easydivx.
It takes 5 hours to make the AVI file. (Harry Potter )
When I try to play the movie a sound come 15 seconds late.?:confused:
Any idea?
Please help:bow: :bow:

You can use Virtualdub or Nandub to offset the audio and video by 15 seconds. You can get these atdoom9. This site also has instructions/suggestions for fixing asynch issues.

Just open your video file, click on the video tab, and select “direct stream copy”. Do the same with audio, and then select “Interleaving” under the audio tab. This is where you can offset the audio where it says “delay audio track by” put in -1200 or whatever you find the sound is late by, then save your avi. You can tweak it as necessary. Find a segment of the avi that has a specific sound, like a door slam, or an obvious sounding click or something, and listen carefully. If the sound comes after the video, then decrease your number. If it comes before the video, then you need to increase the number - less negative (from -1200 to say -1150). The negative sign is important, because it can make the asynch worse… Hope that makes sense.

I would recommend using Gordian Knot for DVD ripping and encoding to DivX in the future. I have not yet had synch problems with it, even with VBR mp3 as the audio.

P.S. - 5 hours is pretty good for making a DivX rip. What codec are you using?

I recommend Vidomi or Gordian Knot for converting dvd’s to divx. You can find tutorials for both programs by using the search feature :smiley: I prefer Vidomi but have found that Gordian Knot produces the same video quality that Vidomi does, just a more advanced program. I would stay away from EasyDivX:D

Vidomi: http://www.vidomi.com/
DVD Decrypter: http://www.dvddecrypter.com/
Gordian Knot 0.27: http://www.doom9.net/
Gordian Knot contains all the software you need to rip and encode a dvd :smiley:

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