DVD to CD (bootable)

hii im new here…

i need a 2008 enterprise server for learning purposes… and i downloaded trial version from microsoft and burned it as DVD (thats what they have dvd .iso file) but the thing is i dont have DVD Rom at school all i have is CD rom

so i desperately need to copy this files into multiple CDs as its a big file (1.7G)

and one more thing i really dont understand burning things… so pelase can anyone explain to me is it possible to copy from DVD to multiple cds as bootable.?

if yes then how ?

thanks in advance…

Nope, the requirements says exactly [B]DVD-ROM drive.[/B]


Download Size: 1793.9 MB - 4333.8 MB

Mount the iso, then install.


first of all thanks for your answer…

i know it requires DVD ROM. but i need to do it from CD… :frowning: as i dont have DVD ROM in my school…

Resize the iso/image to cd parts using winrar etc, put them on CD-Rw, then onto hdd, fit together and mount them using daemon tools.