DVD to CD-Audio

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to extract the audio from a live concert DVD "ACDC - No Bull :iagree: " as shown in this guide:


But the resulting files of the extraction are in .VOB format and NERO doesn’t recognize them (AC3 Plug-in is accepted by Nero) , if I chage the extension from .VOB to .AC3 then Nero accepts it but sound isn’t good (distorsioned) when playing from Nero interface (but with VLC they play flawlesly).

I’ve not been able to succes with changing program configuration (it’s my first time with it :o )

What must I do to obtain the right format for the files? Maybe another method instead of the one i’ve used? :confused:

All suggestion will be wellcomed. :bow: :flower:

Thanks in advance.

Extra data :

  • DVD (copied from DVD Decrypter3.5.4.0):
    -Region: 2,3,4,5,6
    -RCE Protection: No
    -Copyright Protect: CSS/CPPM

  • Drive Used:
    -Sony DDU-1612 @ JLMS XJ-HD166S DS1E RPC1
    -Medion DVR-105 @ Pioneer DVR-105 1.21

Just changing the extension will give you nothing, nada, nix.

Rip the whole stream to 1 file, then demux it using tmpgenc…

Run DVDDecrypter and set the “Mode” to IFO.
After put the disc into your drive, click “Stream Processing” and choose which audio type you want (If the disc is is multi-audio), then check “Enable Stream Processing” and choose “Demux”.

Thanks for your replies. :smiley:

I will follow your indications and, in case of not succeed :doh: , I will then rescan the forums.

See you and thanks.

make your life easy
use dvdaudioextractor
just a few clicks and voilá :slight_smile:


I agree with cerberus :iagree: ! I tried this soft a couple of days ago and it’s absolutely amazing!!!

There is still cute and intelligent people make good designs in this world :bow: [ul]
[li]Fast installing
[/li][li]Nice use
[/li][li]High quality of the results
[/li][li]Gorgeous soft :clap: !!

My favorite soft after DVDCopy95

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I have tried dvdaudioextractor and after a first attempt (it only ripped 13 of the 25 chapters :confused: ) the soft worked fine and it can export easily to many formats. :clap:

So I recommend it to someone that have this need and the guide posted in the forums doesn’t make the job.

Now I must find why the hell :a this guide failed to me, I don’t think the author posted something that doesn’t works. I will try with another DVD and see.

I must also try what Chef suggested.

Thanks to all. I hope this could help more people like me.

MelonGX, looking at DVDDecrypter configuration all was set as you pointed, that’s why I doesn’t understand what could be the reason . I must admit that I’m not and expert thought, so many details escape to my knowledge. But thanks for your reply as some screenshots in the guide doesn’t match with the text.