DVD to Blu-Ray

DVD neXt COPY now does Standard DVD to Blu-Ray conversions as well and I expect in an update that it’ll copy Blu-Ray and compress as well but just don’t know when. To see more on this and other features please click the link below and talk about it freely here as well.


This is one feature I like and been looking for it:

  • Copy Video DVD to Blu-Ray (Copy up to 10 Video DVDs on 1 BluRay) (Industry First)

I haven’t tried it yet though, but do you know if we can retain the menu etc?

Right now no but I am on the arse to have it do so. :frowning:

standard to blue ray? cant be any significant quality change from source?

It was never stated that it would the point of this is let’s say you have a BD-RE DL or a BD DL and you want to put all 6 star wars on there so you can watch the sequel with this you can. It needs a menu still and that was the first thing I told the company as users don’t want to fast forward nor skip to get to the next movie etc…I am sure this will be on one of the next updates as well.

ahhh I see, still very interesting…

Glad to of pointed out. Anyhow I still want my main titles to go to each movie so I don’t have to skip but this will happen.