DVD to avi


as you can see from the title and wanted to know how to backup my DVDs to avi, I’m wanting to know what programs to use, the reason for this is that when you download a movie of the torrent Web site the quality is very good and the file is only 700 meg and are of high quality, I am wanting to know how to reproduce this on my own DVDs so I can save them to my media Centre and use little space but have high-quality. Sorry if the mention of torrent is against the rules but as I’m not directly asking to get any thought it would be okay.

You could use Nero Recode to convert the DVDs to Nero Digital MPEG-4, for example.
You can also use software like DVDx (tutorial here) or AutoGK.

My knowledge is a bit rusty because I don’t usually rip DVDs to AVIs, though.

You have to buy PINNACLE Standard or Proffessional, look and read the box carefully because the Standard one might not do it.