Dvd to avi

How do you change a dvd into a avi and what program would you use

One of the best alternatives is the (free) AutoGK (or auto gordian knot).

You can find it here

Another free alternative is Dr Divx - an easy to use open source app that converts it to a Divx AVI.


I’ve had bad luck with AutoGK. Even the latest 2.40 version doesn’t work nearly as well for me as Dr Divx. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t.

There is also a less automatized version, i.e. Gordian Knot, but when I tried it I found it a bit too complicated for me.

Have you tried Dr Divx yet? Pretty darn easy to understand and use.

Actually I tried it when it was in the early development, and I found it really buggy: it crashed my machine.

Recently I don’t need to do any DVD to avi conversion, so right now I don’t have anymore such softwares installed on my computer, but I’ll give it a try when I’ll do a conversion :iagree:

I really would give it a chance. Since it went Open Source and is now past version 2, it really has come together.

It did a much better job converting the VIDEO_TS content from one of my Panasonic DVR TV episodes (NCIS) than AGK did. Substantially faster and the proper physical size. AGK took the 352x240 original and made it 704x480 and was over 900 meg. Dr Divx made one that was 196 meg.

I think you might wanna check it out. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t really believe it would be beneficial.

Anyway, happy converting. :slight_smile:

I wonder if this piece of software is also able to use both cores of newest CPUs, like DVD Shrink is able to do.

I downloaded dr divx and it would not open up, because it said it did not download the divx codec :sad:

Oh - all you have to do is go get that codec - it is free:

Divx for Windows Free download.

For me, Dr Divx opened up my browser and let me download it easily.

I just ran the install, selected the codec stuff (not the player) and it all worked great after that.

Sorry - I should have mentioned that.