I’ve been backing up my DVDs for sometime now with no problem using DVD decrypter and clone dvd2. I want to take some of my DVDs to an AVI file to keep on my harddrive. What is a good program than does this the quickest and easiest, I’d like to have a free ware version and someplace that will show me step by step the process. I’ve been looking around and everyone wants to go the other way, AVI to DVD I’ve been doing that too with convertxtodvd, with no problems. I managed to do it once with AutoGK but it took almost 2 hours for a 42 min video. I have a AMD X2 4400+ with 1g of RAM and WD cavailer 250G x2 harddrives in RAID0, so my system isn’t a slouch. I think i just need a better software, any help?

you could give WinAVI a try and see if its any quicker/better for you

Try FairUse Wizard - it’s freeware if your end-file is 700MB. There’s lots of definable options that can make conversion a bit quicker.

If you pay the $19 then you get larger filesize and HT cpu/dual core support, which may reduce the encoding time significantly (but depends on the codec you have installed).

I’ve used fairwiziard trying to figure this out and it took forever, but it could be me not getting the options set corret. I just tried WinAVI and its working nice and quick. Thanks everyone

WinAVI has audio sync problems use convertXtoDVD its so simple and easy to use and does a job good.