DVD to AVi?

However all,

Not too sure if this is the right place for this. So forgive me if I’m wrong.

I want to copy some movies to AVi format or mpeg from a DVD disc.

Would this make the files smaller is I lower quality a little. Also, how do I go about coverting it from a DVD

Many thanks!

Doesnt this reduces the quality?

It does. But not by that much I assume.

to convert from dvd to avi i rip the PGCs from the DVD using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode then I use AutoGordianKnot to create the avis.

others may have easier suggestions or “all in one” type suggestions for you though.

the quality of your end product will depend on the bitrate and size of the AVI.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Will give those programs a go. Tell me, if I limit the Avi’s to 700mb, would that be a good enough quality?

“good enough” is completely dependant on the end-user and your playback device.

that being said, most half hour tv shows that are found online are about 175MB, 1 hour shows roughly 350MB, and full length movies anywhere from 650 - 800MB.

those are just ballpark standards…they will be watchable, but you’llhave to tweak things based on your own preferences.