Hi folks.

Sorry if this has been asked before but there is so much information available that i’m getting all confused :frowning:

What i want is a FREE program that will convert my DVD’s into avi files. You know, so that i end up with the movie thats around 750mb in size.

Thanks for any help :bow:

A decent program for people new to encoding is AutoGK - although it does contain spyware - which is basically a more user friendly version of Gordion Knot, which in turn is just a bunch of open source applications bundled together. Personally I prefer just to use the individual applications themselves. Typically for a DVD rip I use DVD Decypter, DGMPGDec, AviSynth, BeSweet and VirtualDubMod. I also use AviSynthEdiot and Oagmachine (saves the hassle of writing scripts in notepad and using the command line) as well as SubRip and ChapterXtractor (you’ll only need these if you intend on using MKV or OGM as your container).

With regard to codecs I like to use XviD for video and Ogg for audio. You can look here: http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/codecs-104-1.htm for a comparision of how the video codecs do against each other and decide for youself.

hey im new at the whole dvd brun process period i jus bought a comp and when i try to burn the movie files i downloaded to dvd it burns all the way to the end then it says im using the wrong kind of disc but that cant be write cuz i;ve tried eveykind so do i need to but and extra piece or program

You need to give more details of the the error you encountered, also you should probably start a new thread as your problem in unrelated to the original poster’s question.

Blimey it’s all looking very complicated at the moment. I’ll need to read that site about codecs a bit more before i start i think.

Thanks for the help!

I probably made it sound more complicated than it really is, if you just want a simple program that’ll do the the job with the minimum of fuss then AutoGK using XviD should do fine, I really don’t like to recommend AutoGK to anyone knowing it contains spyware though. Doom9 have been mentioning a program called FairUse Wizard lately, I haven’t used it but looking at the website it seems to have an automated mode that looks pretty much the same as AutoGK and a semi-automatic mode which would give you a feel for the process if you ever wanted to try using GordionKnot of the individual tools themselves. The trial version is free but only allows finished files of under 700MB.

Er why do you say that? I have AutoGK on 2 PC both with atleast 2 spyware
scanners. I have never picked up any spyware coming from AutoGK.


Nevertheless it does contain Spyware (unless you have an old version) the author has publically said so and it informs you in the EULA.



Hmm i don’t really want a program with spyware. I had spyware probs with kazaa a while back. It’s not as bad as that is it?

As for the codec i’ve found that i have had avi’s before and have had trouble with lip-sync problems when watching on a standalone dvd player. I think it was something to do with NTSC/PAL.
DivX always seem to work fine.
Whats the diff between DivX and XviD?

Sorry if i sound really dumb, but i’m getting interested in all this now and wanna learn more, hehe.

Gotta start somewhere i suppose!

hey man dvdx is awsome freeware for that no adaware or spyware you just need to be smart

Well i read the FAQ for dvdx and it seems quite straightforward if i take it slow.

Then i went to download it and i have to pay! hmm thought freeware was free?