DVD to .AVI with Nero 9

Is there anyway to copy my Waynes World DVD to a .AVI file using Nero 9 so that I can convert that file to a .3GP file using Magic Video Converter? It says this disk is copyright protected.

Not sure about Nero 9; I’d rip it to the hard drive with DVD Fab HD Decrypter and then go from there. If you can’t find a tool to do the conversion directly (try searching http://www.videohelp.com/tools) then you can convert to Xvid AVI using VirtualDubMod and a few other free tools (excellent guide here: http://www.bobsomers.com/files/xvidac3tutorial.pdf).



AFAIK Magic Video Converter can directly convert from DVD(VOB) -> 3GP
No need for the AVI interim stage.

As stated by midders just rip the main movie to HDD with DVD Fab HD Decrypter
and then convert it with the app of your choice.