I have a problem and I am hoping someone can help. For my wife’s Birthday I found her a pink MP3 player / radio / video … blah blah player

Found here


I have been trying to get some support from them but, It is not happening.

The problem I have is this. Wife wants to put a movie ( A knights tale ) onto her player.

So, I am the one that has to learn how it is done since im the techy guy.

Please bear in mind that I have not delved into the ‘dvd / cd copy’ pool but I am pretty intelligent.

So I first tried to use dvd shrink to rip the dvd to hard drive and then use Imtoo dvd to transcode it to AVI.

The Truely MP3 player has it’s own transcoder found here:


to ’ transcode ’ or whatever it does into the readable format for the player.

When i try to load the .avi .mpg .wmv it doesnt matter what format it is becuase I keep getting the same error from the Transcoder program:

“unsupported file format”

I tried simply copying the finished .avi over to the player, but upon doing so the player does not ‘see’ the file as a valid playable video.

This may be asking too much but I would sure appreciate some help.