DVD to AVI software?

Is there a software that can rip the movies from a (non-protected) DVD to AVI in one step? I know that I can use DVD Decryptor and then convert it with WinAVI, but I’m trying to show a friend how to do this, so what’s the easiest one step program that can do this? Thanks.

you’d still have to use dvd decrypter to rip the file sin IFO mode, but auto gordian knot is my favorite to process with. you can create batch lists and just let all of your conversions run overnight. you can choose quality based on percentage, or a finite filesize, there are even some advanced options nicely tucked away on a second page…they’re there if you want to paly with them, but if you’re a newbie they don’t freak you out.

like i said, AGK still requires that the PGCs be ripped in IFO mode with DVD Decrypter, but after you’ve done that step it’s a very easy program to use.

choose source
choose destination
choose quality
click "add job to list"
repeat 1-4 and when done click “begin”

DVD2AVI is a simple app that works quite well. It’ll gve the audio & video files seperately that you merge together with VirtualDub