DVD to .avi/.mpeg

I want to make a backup to my pc of a good DVD i have got.

I want ot watch the DVD off my hard drive on my pc
Is it possible to do this?, What software should i use?

You don’t have to convert the DVD to anything if you’re just gonna watch it on your PC. Just rip the entire DVD to the hard drive w/ DVD Decrypter, then play it w/ any software DVD player, ie, PowerDVD.

Or if you want to save on hard disk space and make it a smaller file with still good quality then convert it AVI using AutoGK - its pretty straight foward and gives good results. You can choose how big you want the file and what audio streams/subtitles you want to keep.

It also gives you the option to either encode in DivX or XVID.

There’s a prog out on the market right now that I believe will help you, in that it is called DVD to AVI. I haven’t used it, but by the title I’m assuming it wil take care of you.

AutoGK uses DVD2AVI during the process.