This must have been asked a hundred times, but I haven’t been able to find any definitive answers.

My situation: I have a DVD collection, and a 20GB Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder. I want to put some films on the player, for long journeys etc. If I can get it into AVI, MPEG, or even FLV format, I will be able to use the programs supplied to get it into the correct format for the Archos player. I’ve ripped the VOB, IFO and ISO files to my computer using DVD Decrypter, but now need to do the convertion.

I have spent most of today and yesterday trying various free downloads, which all seemed to work, except they were only trials, and so would only do me 5 minutes. That, or they variously crashed, froze, didn’t work and rebooted my computer.

Is there a completely free program that will do this for me, relatively hassle-free?

[Quote=]Is there a completely free program that will do this for me, relatively hassle-free?[/Quote]
I use [B]MEcoder[/B] and [B]ffmpeg[/B] both are free and will do your DVD to AVI, MPEG, or even FLV. :slight_smile:

AutoGK is a commonly used tool for this. Here is a guide: http://www.divx-digest.com/articles/autogk.html
Probably other guides available for this program over at videohelp.com

I think coathi meant MEncoder by the way.


giveaway of the day had A one dvd ripper for free, but it’s off now :frowning:


Thanks for all the responses. I haven’t tried some of the ones mentioned, so will give them a go, but not right now, as unfortunately my computer has decided to piss me off by refusing to right click, or to use the right click shortcut on the keyboard. I also can’t press most buttons, and my Word documents have gotten all misaligned. Ah well.

Another free program that can do DVD to AVI for a portable player is PocketDivxEncoder. Fast and Very easy to use as well.
Try it out when you are back and running on your PC, you’ll be glad you did. :wink:

If you can use mpeg2, I should have mentioned another method. Rip to the hard drive in IFO mode using DVDDecrypter, and in the Tools->Settings->IFO Mode set the file splitting to none. This will give you one big vob file. Then run this through Vob2Mpg. This process is much faster than converting over to avi and doesn’t incur any degrading of the video through reencoding.

Most portable video players like that one usually plays MPEG[B]4[/B]s, as well as AVIs. Doubt MPEG2s can even be reduced to such a low bitrate, well atleast without it looking like a blurb…lol :wink:

He wanted to convert to avi or mpeg in his original post. I didn’t point out in my first reply that it was easier to convert the vobs to mpeg than avi before using the programs he is used to working with.

Hmmm, I see. But I’m almost 100% sure he meant MPEG ‘4’ and not MPEG ‘2’. So wouldn’t it be far simpler and without an added unnecessary step to convert straight from DVD to either AVI or MPG4 for his portable player??

Though he didn’t specify, I’m pretty sure his final format will be mpg4. Whatever programs that he has been using apparently don’t have the option to convert straight from vobs to mpg4. Or he hasn’t found that option. If he still wants to use those unknown programs, converting vob to mpeg2 would be better than using a vob to avi converter----he would only reencode once.

But you’re right in that it would be simplest to go from vob straight to mpg4.

Hey, I only answer the questions as they are asked. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure that the end result is actually AVI Simple Format, but I know from experience that I can convert MP4s.

I beg to differ! there are lots of powerful freeware out there…ever hear of VDub,or Dgindex, etc…what the heck are you talking about?

He apparently intends to use the Archos program to encode for the player.

That’s the plan, unless someone knows a better way.

Did you read this?

Convert to AVI on your PC using PocketDivxEncoder (Freeware), then transfer to your Archos player.
It seems to have your device on it’s target device list. See screenshot below.

Wouldn’t that be easiest??