DVD to AVI for KPac MP4 player

I have DVDFab Platinum and wish to convert some DVDs to play on my Sumvision KPac 2.2" screen MP4 player.

I would like to use DVDFab to convert movies in one step without audio/video sync problems.

So far I have tried using DVDShrink to copy the DVD to my harddrive
Then convert to AVI.
But the audio is ahead of the video.
The time different gets greater as the video plays.

Here are the settings that AVConverter1.0 (this is the software that came with the player) converts AVI files to.
Width 224
Height 176
Audio bit rate 128kbps
Video frame rate 20 fps
Video sample size 12 bit
Video compression XVID

Any help appreciated

Hi Seanamos. Do you know if your player will support MP3 audio in an AVI file (the audio encoding type is not listed in the info you posted from your software)? If it will, try using the “…xvid.mp3” Generic profile. You might also try reducing the video bitrate using the slider control on the “Configure” screen.

I am told that it needs mp2 but I have not tried mp3.

I think it is worth a try. I had to mess with the settings for framerate, bitrate etc. to finally get a combination that would play in my cellphone. Let us know how you make out.:slight_smile: