DVD to AVI Audio Synch Issues

Great program that I’ve enjoyed working with…

I finally finished ripping all the DVDs THAT I OWN to AVI files in preparation for deploying to Iraq (again) to provide some entertainment without taking 150+ DVDs with me. In the process I found a few titles that had problems despite trying multiple times–with different settings–to rip. Here’s the short list:

Casino Royale (2-Disc Widescreen Edition) - Audio De-syncronization after slight pixelation at 50:42 mark

Gods and Generals (2-sided widescreen version) - Side A (Part 1) had no issues but Side B audio was de-synched from the beginning of the disk

The Last Samurai (2-disc Widescreen Edition) - DVDFab crashes at 100% mark when ripping

Rules of Engagement (Widescreen Collection) - DVDFab crashes at 75% mark when ripping tho disk is a little scratched, so that may be the issue

Talladega Nights (Widescreen) - Audio De-syncronization after short pixelation at 1hr:40 mark

Terminator 2 (Artisan Extreme DVD) - Audio De-syncronization at 00:00 mark

The Truman Show (Special Edition) - Audio De-syncronization at 00:00 mark

We Were Soldiers (Widescreen Edition) - DVDFab crashes at 48 % mark when ripping

Zulu (Diamond Entertainment) - Audio plays normally but video stutters and hangs from beginning of movie and then crashes. Watching the movie on my DVD player, it’s a pretty crappy burn anyway so it may just be another issue.

Any help would be appreciated or if it’s not on my end fixes in an upcoming version would be great.

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Hi CathDAT, some users had reported, that they have no out of sync problems, if they rip first to HD and then convert from HD to AVI. I don’t know the profile you used…

Hey Amiga Freak,

Thanks for the speedy response. I have been ripping from DVD to Mobile using the Generic settings.

Seemed to work well (and fast) for all my DVDs except the ones I listed. I guess I didn’t study the settings enough to make an informed decision.

I’m currently ripping Talladega Nights using the DVD to DVD Main Movie setting to see if that works better. I’ll post the results.

Thanks again,

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Hi CathDAT,

Thank you very much for the report, we will get the discs and do test.

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I did Casino Royale using the LG VX9400 and Archos 504/604 profiles with no problems and perfect sync.

Still being fairly new to DVDFab (and the forums) I’m still working on learning the details of the program, so my apologies if I’m missing the blatantly obvious. :bow:

Signals: I looked, but couldn’t figure out exactly what “LG VX9400 and Archos 504/604 profiles” are…

I went back and re-ripped all the titles I listed earlier and had some better results. I used the DVD to DVD rip to hard drive using the Main Title settings, then converted to .avi using generic and XVID/source.

[I]Last Samurai[/I], [I]Casino Royale[/I], and [I]Talladega Nights[/I] all came out perfectly synched.

Side 2 (Part B) of [I]Gods and Generals[/I], [I]Terminator 2[/I], and [I]The Truman Show[/I] are all still un-synchronized from 0:00. I tried every possible setting in DVDFab that I could find when ripping and converting but the end result was the same every time.

[I]Rules of Engagement[/I] and [I]We Were Soldiers[/I] are both still crashing/locking up while ripping.

[I]Zulu[/I] I’ve given up on. The quality is so bad on my original that it looks like a copy even though I bought it new from Best Buy…hmmm

Again, thanks for the help all of you have given.

Glad you got good results on a few of them anyway.:slight_smile: The profiles I mentioned are in the Cellphone (for the VX9400) and PVP (for the Archos 504/604) areas under DVD to Mobile. I don’t have any of the other titles you mentioned, so no personal results to report there. I know that Ting, the co-author of DVDFab, has been working on a fix for the sync problems for certain discs and hopefully will have some good news soon for the ones that are still not syncing correctly for you. Keep an eye on the top of the forum thread list for the next release announcement.

I went back and counted how many titles I’ve accumulated over the years and quit counting after 310. 9 misfires out of over 300 rips/conversions isn’t bad at all. No complaints here.

DVDFab is a great product and I’m glad I found it. I’ll definitely pass it on to some friends of mine that are looking to back up the movies THAT THEY OWN. :cop:

I’ll keep an eye on the forums for the next update to the program.

Hi CathDAT,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


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I’m using DVDFab 6.0.2 and am having synch problems with the “B” side of Gods And Generals". The “A” side converts perfectly but no matter what methods I try I cannot get the B side to convert right; there’s always the synch issue.
I’m using: Video — AVI, XVID, 1 Pass, No Split, 600 kbps, and “Same As Source” framerate. Audio — MP3, 96 kbps, Stereo and the resolution is set at 480x320.
Has anyone else experienced this problem with Gods And Generals recently?
Thanks for any help offered!

Hi Fred
Sorry I don’t have that to try. Your settings and profile choices look very good, these normally produce very stable output. You might, as a test, try ripping one or two chapters of the “B” side to a VIDEO_TS folder using DVD to DVD->Customize, then try making the conversion with the HDD folder as the Source. What are you using to play the file? Does the “B” side have the same type audio as the one that works (AC-3/5.1, AC-3/2 etc.)?

Hi Signals, thanks for the quick response.
I’ve tried doing the merge the standard way and also by first doing a vob rendering and then converting. As I said, nothing seems to work.
I’m trying to view the video on my PMP, a Nationite OS-43, China made. It’s a very good player and will play a whole host of audio and video formats.
I’ve only experienced this problem with a few of my movies and so it looks like I’ll just have to classify “God And Generals” as incurable!
Again, thanks for your help and info.
P.S. The audio is the same on both A&B sides.

Well, on your next rainy Saturday, make some short conversions from side “B” with different profiles and especially different audio codecs, e.g., MP3, AAC, audiocopy (AC-3 usually) as some of them may be tolerated a little better. That’s a cool looking player, I googled it. Maybe also try something with an MP4-type file instead of AVI.

Will do and thanks!